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A Creative Hiatus: Refuge For The Uninspired?

Hey Loves!

Happy New Year! 


I wish you all nothing but success, happiness and prosperity in 2019! 

Thanks to you all, 2018 was an incredible year for Always Leid and I'm definitely looking forward to the continued growth and development the new year is sure to bring!


Last September, I went to my second home Trinidad & Tobago (literally, it's  my second home, my mother is from there and ALL my family on her side lives over there) . This was mainly to be a part of  "It's A Pop Up" just one of the incredible  events hosted by The Fashion Arch . Additionally, I collaborated  with a few  fellow creatives on a travel inspired fashion editorial , met with a production team manager (*squeal*) and overall just planted some of the seeds I needed to blossom in 2019.


 I came back in high spirits and full of inspiration and shortly after my return I released another mini capsule collection, Harbor Side. I realized that the  change of scenery definitely did wonders for my creative scope and I began thinking of all the creative possibilities.

It has always been a goal of mine to live in another country, but at the time I was still working at a government job and it just didn't seem feasible. 


Being in such a creatively charged environment basically solidified my decision to take a break from my usually scheduled programming and  focus more on developing both myself and my brand. As creatives, I know we often feel pressured to churn out works of art  back to back as a means of proving that we are up to something new and fresh. I've learned by force that this is neither practical or healthy . We are not machines and  sometimes  we need to take a step back, regroup and approach things from a different angle.  Burn out is REAL!


I decided that in order to further elevate my business  and hone my skills I would spend a little more time in Trinidad & Tobago. During this time I will be overseeing the production of my new collection,networking  and collaborating with other creatives and just overall immersing myself in another culture that is so similar but  still strikingly different to my own. 


While it may seem risky to just drop what I'm doing and leave , I'm learning more and more on this journey that comfort zones don't breed greatness. You have to  put in the work and effort and sometimes take a few calculated risks when trying to achieve your goals.  You cannot expect to thrive from a place of fear.


I wanna encourage you all to take some time to figure out what you need to take a break from and approach it again  at a later time/date with renewed passion and fervor. 


Who knows, the break might just be EXACTLY what you needed to have your breakthrough.

Let's smash some goals this year!

You've got this!










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